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We were invited to participate in the Hoy Nos Toca Verano program and we went with Marcela Baigros, director and founder of the civil association, and Lucas Imai, member of the Board of Directors.





From the newsroom, they invited Marcela Baigros, director and founder of the organization, to write an article about the perception of discrimination and how it changed over time.



We were interviewed together with the legislator María Rachid, head of the Institute against Discrimination of the Buenos Aires, and lawyer Greta Pena, head of the Civil Association 100% Diversity and Rights, to talk about the outstanding debts teh country has on the issue of discrimination.

Massachessi que Nunca


Marcela Baigros, director and founder of Cero a la Derecha, Mariano Schettini and went to the radio to talk about our project Humanizing Labels.



The journalist Florencia Tuchin interviewed us and we talked about the importance of Sexual Diversity in the workplace.

Agenda Pyme


Marcela Baigros, director and founder of Cero a la Derecha was invited to write a column about the importance of diversity in the workplace.



The journalist Verónica Sukaczer visited us at the activity we did at the Merlo Book Fair and wrote the article about her experience.

La Nación


After the first Humanizing Labels  one of our Human Books wrote an article about the activity, and not only was it a full page, it was also a Cover Story!

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