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Humanizing Labels is a program whose main objective is to challenge prejudices through by having individual al private conversations with strangers, so as to be able to ask questions and come face to face with oun prejudices.
These are face-to-face events in wich we encourage people to discover the humanity behind
each label, each prejudice.

Libros de la Memoria

Libros de la Memoria is an event that uses the same methodology of Humanizing Labels, individual and private conversations, but with the aim of preserving and promoting Memory, Truth and Justice, related to the las last civic-military dictatorship in Argentina.

Our Human Books are people who had an active participation in the making of history of that time.

The proposal is to be able to speak with survivors and witnesses, relatives of missing persons, disobedient stories, and people involved in the judicial processes, among others.

Workshops and Trainings

A very important part of our work is training people about their rights, and we look for them to start becoming more aware of discrimination and prejudice. That is why we have developed various workshops:

  • Discrimination Free Communication: with which we seek to highlight the discrimination to which we are exposed daily and how we naturalize and replicate it in our own messages.

  • Disability and Discrimination Workshop.

  • Workshop on Romantic Partner Violence.

Art exhibition:
"What were you wearing?"

"What were you wearing?" seeks expose that it is not our clothes, nor the size of our bodies, nor our age, nor our socio-economic or cultural situation that puts us at risk of becoming rape victims.

This exhibition seeks to challenge the myth that the length of the skirt, the depth of the neckline, the transparency of the garment, and the tight fit of the pants is what causes the sexual violence.

After viewing the sample, we cannot help but wonder "how is it possible that victims are blamed and aggressors are justified?"


Sometimes we accompany the exhibition with talks-debate to share with the people who come to the exhibition, the experience of its assembly We also review each of the testomonies on display, highlighting some important issues such as sexual abuse in childhood, intramarital and intimate partner violence.


Once a week watch a chapter of the Dietland series and then for 1 hour we talk about various topics:

  • Non-normative corporealities.

  • Gordophobias.

  • Rape in intimate consensual spaces.

  • The consent and culture of the violation.

  • Cyberescraches

  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination

  • Privileges


We invite diferent speakers to chat and propose new perspectives for analysis.

DelSectorSocial, is a project that seeks to question the discriminatory and stigmatizing expressions typical of everyday language.

It is an online tool that has been online since 2014, containing alternative terms that allow people and situations to be adequately described through communication from the Human Rights Perspective.

It currently has around 500 entries on various topics and tends to the collective creation of a language that promotes the integration of identities and communication free of discrimination.

In addition, the glossary is also available in an Android mobile app.

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