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Cero a la Derecha is a civil association that works to respond, in a creative manner, to different social problems, while focusing on the communication from a Human Rights approach. We are looking to discover and interpret reality, designing projects that lead to the appropriate communication, free of discrimination and stigmatization.

Our projects and programs:
DelSectorSocial.org is a glossary of recommended terminology that looks to question discriminatory expressions and terms in everyday language. The glossary proposes alternative phrases for the descriptions used for people and situations, while maintaining a focus on Human Rights.
It is an online tool, that is innovative to the extent that it deals with various topics and encourages the collective integration of identities and communication free of discrimination.


Destigmatizing Labels
Destigmatizing labels is a program that hold as its principle objective, to dismantle prejudices through dialogue, here the books are people and the lectures are conversation. These are face-to-face events where we promote conversations between two people. With this activity readers are looking to discover the humanity that is behind each label.
We generate spaces for debate and discussion. The benefit of this activity is that every label is deconstructed, not by a specialist in the subject, but from people who voluntarily share their story with those who chose to listen. These volunteers are chosen because they are people who have a characteristic for which at some point in their life they were, or continue to be, stigmatized or discriminated against. For example: a transwoman, someone released from prison, a person living on the streets, someone who is deaf, someone living with HIV, and many more.


Focusing on words as tools of social change, we seek to generate awareness in automatic language, and recognizing what we say when we say it, and what are the effects of the messages we give.
Automatic expressions, which are often functional to communication, can stigmatize and discriminate against people and situations they describe, as well as acting negatively on our own consciousness. 
For this reason, we have designed three different trainings:

  • Language and Human Rights:

In which we focus on understanding and deconstructing the automatic language to turn it into conscious language. Learning to reformulate the messages free of discrimination understanding that the formulation of each message has its effects.

  • Advertising and Discrimination:

It seeks to present the most common types of discrimination in advertising, the most commonly used stereotypes and ways to avoid them. We seek to generate the debate about whether advertising seeks to represent reality, or influence.

  • Digital Communication and Discrimination:

It seeks to present the most common types of discrimination in digital communication, that is, in the communications that occur in social networks. These new technologies allow the existence of a much more active and contesting audience, where the interaction with the brands is something real (in comparison with graphic media or audiovisual media such as radio and television). In addition, the sense of "masses" gives enough anonymity to respond and join discussions that might not be started individually.

Advertising Consultancy
In recent years, the number of complaints to INADI has increased due to discriminatory communications in different media. This figure quadrupled with respect to the claims presented in 2011. The consultations are not only related to television programs and media coverage, but also to the different ads that unintentionally present content that discriminates or stigmatizes, reproducing prejudices or stereotypes.
At Cero a la Derecha we are an interdisciplinary team with specialists in sociology, psychology, gender, childhood and disability, among others to provide advice on the use of images and words in cases where the rights of people are violated in advertising or mass consumption products.
We know that an ad removed from the air before completing its cycle, has a very high cost without meeting the expectations of Return on Investment (ROI), further increasing its cost for the payment of fines and the subsequent edition so that it can return to the air.
The advertisements reported in recent years respond to totally different products: cars, bank loans, cleaning supplies, beers, chewing gum and appliances, among others. We have noticed on occasion, that some companies are repeat offenders in discriminatory advertising. We propose a prior consultation to the design or recording of such ads, in order to prevent discrimination and stigmatization in this area.

Certification of Conscious Language
The generators of information have a great responsibility when it comes to communicating. At Cero a la Derecha we firmly believe in language as a tool for social change and the genuine impact it generates. Because of this we propose to revise everyday expressions to contribute to a culture free of discrimination and stigmatization. The certification of conscious language is addressed to all organizations, public and private companies, schools, universities or any other institution interested in generating information free of discrimination and stigmatization.

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